Pure Audio Blu-ray as AES specification

The Information Document on the Pure Audio Blu-ray as recently published by the Audio Engineering Society (AES) represents a milestone for msm-studios, Munich. Summarising the main features of the Pure Audio Blu-ray, its development and technical innovations – in particular its screenless navigation – the Information Document AES-21id-2011 sets a worldwide directive for the authoring of Pure Audio Blu-rays (http://www.aes.org/standards/blog/?start=11).

After an elaborate and intensive phase of R&D the first Pure Audio Blu-ray was authored by msm-studios in 2009. Since then the list of productions has ever been growing. With numerous releases on labels such as 2L, Beggars Group, Stockfish Records, Eurovideo, Farao Classics or Albany Records, and many more in the pipeline, the Pure Audio Blu-ray has been gaining a strong foothold with record labels and the end consumer market.

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