The 133rd AES (Audio Engineering Society) convention in San Francisco, 26–29 October will again be a highlight for the industry. Not only is it a stomping ground for the world´s most experienced engineers and those who are striving to become one, but it is also the hot pot for new technical developments.

msm-studios´ managing director and mastermind behind the Pure Audio Blu-ray, Stefan Bock, has been invited to discuss two vital topics on panel discussions: Jim Kaiser, former AES International President and Director of Technology at MasterMix, will be joined by David Chesky (HDTracks/Chesky Records), Steve Katz (Digital Domain Mastering) and Stefan to deal with today´s audio delivery formats and how to ensure that one is not technically compromising the client’s music on the way to providing for various lower and higher-resolution releases e.g. Mastered for iTunes, HD Tracks and Pure Audio Blu-ray.

In the second workshop Morten Lindberg of 2L will introduce his approach to recording music in 9.1 surround sound. With the TrondheimSolistene´s new Pure Audio Blu-ray “Souvenir”, 2L premieres the world´s very first music production in 9.1. Auro-3D. Stefan will talk about how 9.1 can be encoded to the Blu-ray format and how the disc can be programmed for a CD-player-style screen-less navigation on Pure Audio Blu-ray as developed by msm-studios. Morten and Stefan will be joined by Wilfried Van Baelen of Auro Technologies.

Find here full information about the workshop with Jim Kaiser, and with Morten Lindberg here.

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