The 6-times OSCAR® nominated and frequently awarded movie “Das Boot – The Director´s Cut” by Wolfgang Petersen as well as the bestseller by Lothar-Günther Buchheim create the basis for this audiobook. It tells the authentic and nerve-wrecking adventures of war journalist Lieutenant Werner (in the film played by German rock musician Herbert Grönemeyer) during the World War II crusades of U96. Deep below in the claustrophic environment of the sub, the crew learns to live with the permanent danger to lose their lives.

The combination of narrative, text excerpts from the novel as well as dialogue and sound background from the film with the music of Klaus Doldinger creates an enthralling listening experience! Goose-bumps guaranteed!

The Pure Audio Blu-ray holds a 5.1. DTS HD Master Surround and high-resolution stereo version. Christoph Stickel, mastering engineer at msm-studios: “The superb surround mix is made available thanks to the Pure Audio Blu-ray. It puts the listenener directly into the threatening narrowness of the submarine, enhanced by a very plastic and three-dimenstional athmosphere and sounds.”

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