Say it right now: This last CD is surely one of her very best, maybe it is THE best. It is certainly no less than sensational. Like good wine, this one has it all – that inner glow, that shining light that is the true sign of real art. People at Stockfisch have gone to great lengths with this production – not only achieving the optimal result once more in the art of recording, but also in terms of sheer musical finesse: sound space vast and multidimensional, exotic instruments including the harp form an ideal backdrop for the singer – with Sara sounding articulate to the highest degree, her performance mature, completely lacking any harshness whatsoever. This is passion in control. Gentlemen – get hit by that power of a heavyweight champion coming in a velvety disguise. The album’s tracks are a quite delightful mix, perfectly balanced with one song especially outstanding in its beauty: „Made in the Shade“, devoted to Sara K‘s fellow artist and kindred spirit Chris Jones who died some years ago.

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