In addition to unparalleled audio quality and maximum ease of use Pure Audio Blu-rays can be equipped with mShuttle technology:

If your Blu-ray player is connected to your home network, you can use any web browser on your computer to access portable copies of the songs residing on the Pure Audio in your player.


mShuttle opens the possibility to enjoy music content from a Blu-ray Disc in any format.

Perfect listening experience of Pure Audio Blu-ray in studio quality at home, with additional mp3, flac or mqa files for your mobil devices.

mShuttle provides the perfect format for always and everywhere.


One release, so many formats – The Gramophone on Pure Audio Blu-ray and mShuttle

Wav, flac, aac, mp3, CDs, SACDs, downloads – which to choose? Here's a solution...

There’s a lot of talk around the audiophile forums, and indeed on the Gramophone one, about computer-stored and physical audio formats. Should one be ripping discs as .wav, .flac, .aac, .mp3, buying CDs or SACDs, downloading files at CD quality, or even searching for internet sites offering even higher resolutions?